venerdì 11 settembre 2015

The first atelier bed & breakfast is now available to tourists who love contemporary art, a unique way to make your stay in Genoa an unforgettable experience.  

The location is strategic and spellbinding: in the marvellous setting of Palazzo Salvago, at 12 Via San Luca, one of the most important streets of the old town. Also accessible from the second entrance facing Piazzetta Jacopo da Varigine, the house is a few yards from the Aquarium and the Marina Porto Antico car park, by San Giorgio subway station.

The large entrance, enriched by sliding doors in painted aluminium and elements reminiscent of a mirror hall, houses her sound sculptures, her heterogeneous assemblages, compositions, sketches and drafts.

Loredana Galanate has built lamps, lined furniture and set up her whole house as a big secret drawer. It’s a ludic microcosm inhabited by that diverse humanity in which we can all recognise and identify ourselves. The lilac bathroom contains a native beach pebble floor, a jellyfish ballet on blown glass, and the soft lines of the violet sink designed by Loredana…
…The kitchen, with marc-coloured walls, houses her phonorecepting trunk which lights up at every noise. A blown glass door leads into her spacious and bright lab, where she keeps works like “the sound speaker”, “butterfly collection”, ‘yo-yos”, and “gabbiette”. On the desk and the drawing board there are photos, notes, projects, and every sort of assemblage.

Loredana Galante is an emerging artist who exhibits in public places and private galleries in Italy and abroad. Awarded several prizes and scholarships, she works with sculptures and installations, but is also a dedicated painter.
Her great command of the language of space and shapes led her to work in interior and object design, scenography and body accessorizing.

The visit is a unique chance to keep up to date with her current exhibits and get a sneak preview of her new work!

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